Saturn Orbital

Automatic Single Watch Winder

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The new Saturn Orbital watch winders series are meant for the real watch collector and enthusiast.

Saturn Orbital watch winders combine advanced technology and sophisticated design with superb quality workmanship. offer an extremely high level of functionality and quality.

This W149 model holds 4 watches and comes in a luxurious diamond-stitch PU leather exterior.

All our winders come with exclusive 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The watch winder features a classic look combined with the latest technology in a compact form. The classic cross-stitched leather along with the gray linen interior and brushed metal accents give this model a modern classic look. Featured inside are all of the latest improvements including improved gearbox design, universal pillow, and 12 o'clock stop. As always, the winder has plenty of room for larger sized watches, and it features four turns per day settings and three direction settings for a total of twelve settings to accommodate any automatic watch. It can be battery powered or plugged in using the provided AC adapter.


Black leather in diamond cross stitched finish with clear glass display

Soft gray linen interior

Pillow that can hold small and large watches by wrapping the watch around the flat or round sides of the pillow


Watch winder motor has various turns per day settings (650-950-1250-1850) and 3 directional settings in clockwise, counterclockwise, or bi-directional

High quality and quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor

Watch winder motor stops at 12 o'clock mark during rest periods

Power adapter included (110-240V)

Battery option requires 2 x D size batteries. Battery will last up to 3 months on lowest setting.

  • Product Code        : W149
  • Name                      : Automatic Single Watch Winder
  • Dimension             : 7 x 5 x 6.75 inches (L x W x H)
  • Colours/Patterns  : Black textured leather in cross stitched finish
  • Case Materials     : Black leather in cross stitched finish with clear glass display
  • Interior Materials : Soft gray linen
  • SKU Reference     : WB-019
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